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Does anyone really give a flying f***

Total Pro Sports – If you thought a bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers, the under, or tails was the biggest waste of money one could experience on Super Bowl Sunday, think again.

When it comes to spending unnecessary money on Super Bowl Sunday, few, if any, did a better job than the city of Dallas, who figured it would be a good idea to spend $450,000 for five Navy F-18s to fly over the closed roof of Cowboys Stadium.  People in the stadium were treated to a two second shot of the fighter jets in flight on the giant high-definition video screen, but I am fairly certain that the live shot of the fly-over could have easily been replaced by a video of a previous fly-over, with few people even noticing the difference.

FAIL! I would be madder than mad if I was from Dallas right now. Collectively we spent $450,000 on a fly over and no one even saw it. First of all, who was ad wizard who first  believed a “fly over” is cool? Move to Chelsea, you’ll get fly overs from  Logan every day… at all hours, and let me tell you, it’s NOT cool. Secondly, do you realize how many 30 packs of PBR you could buy with $450,000? Well let me tell you, about 27,300. Mind blowing, I know. Now tell me, would you rather have 3 planes fly overhead or over three-quarters of a million beers… umm case closed. Let the black out ensue.

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I have seen into the future…

…and this is me and MMango in 50 years:

Just an amazing interpretive dance with a phenomenal incorporation of props (did you expect to see that lighter at 1:24? blew. my. mind). I wonder if we can hire them for our next wedding/family gathering?

Oh, and can someone tell the douche bags at 2:04 to get the fuck outta the way?

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Thank baby Jesus the Jets are done for the season. Jets fans are undeniably the most obnoxious people in the world. Thank you, Steelers. You’ve made this winter a little more bearable now.

MMango: 😦 I’m sad… Gramps had preseason bets on the Packers and the Jets making the Superbowl. If they won, he would be cashing in no matter what. Oh well, guess I’m rooting for the pack. Cream get the money, dollar dollar bills y’all.

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