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Equinox + Zagat = Genius

Seriously, why did it take so long to create this? This. Is. Genius.

Equinox and Zagat have created the first-ever health-conscious Zagat Dining Out Guide, featuring Q editor-approved restaurants across the country. Each of these restaurants is located near one of our clubs, and is a destination that upholds the Equinox Nutrition Philosophy as well as our standard of good taste. Pick up a copy at select Shop locations or view a digital teaser guide here.

Eat your heart out, homies.

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Pump iron, or pump botox?



I received this LivingSocial deal today and thought this placement was pretty funny. They’re practically giving you two options. You can work out and get your body and health in shape or (cop out) pump some botox in your face and look like the second coming of Joan Rivers. I wonder how many people will skip the gym and head right to the botox?


If I inject botox into my dick will it… uhh nevermind.



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