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It’s Friday



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Get down, it’s Friday!

Created with cinemagr.am

And yes, that is yours truly captured in action last night.

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It’s I Don’t Care Friday

Hey guess what everyone, its Friday! Put your work down, pick up a beer, roll a blunt if you want, I don’t give a sh. Today it doesn’t matter because it’s “I Don’t Care Friday”. Save those TPS reports for Monday. Enjoy the day, enjoy your weekend, and DON’T think about Monday.

Shout out to Ka$h Munz for the video

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Yep, Rebecca Black just launched her second single:

Equally as bad as the first and a little more like a track off the Princess Diaries soundtrack than expected…

While I don’t care for the tune, I am glad there’s a new platform (because the Friday comment section just got overwhelming) for folks to share comments like this:

and this:

or if you’re my coworker, this:

God bless America (/the interwebs).

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Weekend Video: Just Got Paid

It’s Friday. Your bank account should be stacked (if you’re like me and got paid on the 15th). Get rowdy and waste your money on liquid dinners!


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Rebecca Black’s Friday (the movie) Mash-Up

In honor of today’s (sometimes hard to remember) day of the week, I offer you this unique twist on an old classic…

…and by old classic, I mean fastest-rising song on iTunes/most insanely catchy, horribly-written song on the interwebs right now. The first part of this is so dead on it kills me; like literally pains me to watch I’m laughing so hard. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

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Epic fail from the MDHT team

MMango and I have failed you as bloggers and for that, we are truly sorry. Unfortunately our real jobs got in the way (stupid, sexy, paychecks…) BUT below is an epic fail of a video that I think you’ll enjoy.

Here’s hoping that Friday comes sooner rather than later:

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