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Jam of My Life: Jessie Ware “Wildest Moments” Ft. A$AP Rocky

This. All of this. Life changing.

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Best Phil Collins picture ever



enough said.



Also, I only found this image because I was listening to this awesome remix to “In The Air Tonight” by Cosmo Black.



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Going back to Cali-ribbean

So check this out. Get a mixing bowl. Take a tablespoon of Notorious B.I.G and a teaspoon of some Caribbean beats, blend them together and sprinkle some “Going back to Cali” on top. What do you get? Well that’s easy… Viceroy’s rendition “Going Back To Cali. Just listen fools.

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Emojis in Paris (N*ggas in Paris Remix)

Did Aziz do it again or did Aziz do it again. Not gonna lie, I first saw this exchange on Aziz Ansari’s blog on my way home from work on Thursday night and I had some goofy ass smile as I listened to Niggas in Paris and read along with these texts. I STRONGLY suggest you do the same… but honestly, make sure you’re not in a bus full of people, because then you look like a creep.




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Justin Bieber & Busta Rhymes record a version of “Little Drummer Boy”… yes you read that correctly

Not even bad!! I’m kidding, it’s terrible. It is so bad that I can’t even conjure up the words to express how bad it actually is. It’s almost like if someone tried to make a remake of Little Drummer Boy with Busta Rhymes and Justin Bieber.. yeah that sounds about right.


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I like this song right now: Chromeo – When the Night Falls


Who says all of our posts have to be funny or exciting? I just really like this remix right now.. and the fact that it done by a guy name Sammy Saxy Bananas boosts it up a level really fast. Hope you enjoy as well!

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Weekend Video: Country Roads Remix

It’s too hot to do anything but listen to mellow music in your underwear and pray to God you power doesn’t go out/cut off your AC supply.

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Mike Posner aka MMango gets down in his latest video

Mike Posner’s got a new video out for his single “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” and just like the title, it’s full of awkward hook-up moments that probably wouldn’t happen in real life.

Actually, I can’t hate; I really enjoy the track. I guess I just feel uncomfortable because it’s like watching my cousin, MMango, hook up with multiple ladies. EHHHHH (pulls collar)…


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DMX Swan Song

DMX is heading back to jail for violating his probation (apparently he was on probation for throwing food at a jail guard, and used a fake name to avoid paying a $7,500 hospital bill).

Anyways. In honor is his return to the clinker, I thought I’d share this amazing remix of DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” with my new favorite artist, The XX

I can’t think of a better swan song than that…

Editor’s note: shout out to my brother Mikey for enlightening me.

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