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Korea is pushing a sweet new exercise toy

If you practice this while using a shake weight, you’re one step away from your perfect body and dream of being ravaged in a gang bang!

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Do’s/Don’ts for your Office Holiday Yankee Swap

Maybe I’m a little late for advice, but as the holidays approach, most offices and work environments host a Yankee swap. While some people get super excited for this event, if you’re like me, you absolutely dread it. There’s always the one Grinch who criticizes every gift, and the guy who takes the game way too seriously, and can’t forget the lady who feels that no gift is better than her hand knitted scarf. Well that being said, how do you top a hand knitted scarf? I’ve put together some do’s and don’ts for your potential office Yankee swap to make sure you end up on everyone’s good side.


DON’T buy your favorite book or movie: I’m sure you’re one of the coolest people in your office and you read the best books and watch the best movies, but that by no means gives you the right to wrap up season 1 of Glee and try to give it to someone in your office. Just because you love it, doesn’t mean Ralph in Accounting is going to go crazy when he hears a kid in a wheelchair singing Irreplaceable on Beyonce week.


DO buy alcohol: Nips are the best bet because you can get a wide variety for cheap. Maybe your office isn’t as lenient as mine, but if there’s one thing that EVERYONE loves, it’s booze. Well unless of course you’re in a office full of recovering alcoholics. In that case, still buy the booze, but a get a camera, sit back, and watch the fun unfold.


DON’T buy clothing of any sort: Do you really want to be labeled as that office’s crazy aunt who gives you the same turtleneck sweater every year? I didn’t think so. Keep your fashion sense to the Style network. Unless of course you’re buying a kitten mumu, then all bets are off.


DO buy the latest “As Seen on TV” gift: Sure Snuggie’s sound like a joke, but tell me it’s not amazing. My 2nd office Yankee swap, 3 people bought Snuggies and they caused a fight like fat kids in a buffet. What to get this year? Sure you could get the knock off Snuggie, Forever Lazy. But I still think a year later, the Shake Weight is the gift of choice.


Hopefully this little list was helpful and you can rock your office’s Yankee swap!

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