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Jam of My Life: Jessie Ware “Wildest Moments” Ft. A$AP Rocky

This. All of this. Life changing.

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British comedian takes a page out of America’s book

I know Ricky Gervais has been getting a lot of shit for being too crude/mean with his jokes as the host of the 2011 Golden Globes…but I say bullshit. Real talk, British people really aren’t that funny. Other than Ricky, there’s nothing funny at all about the UK. Maybe their accents sometimes, but that’s a stretch. So did he resort to classic UK tactics and SuBo it up there? Negative. Dude straight up called out anyone and everyone in Hollywood for their public flaws. It was so American. So middle school. So amazingly fantastic. Bravo, Ricky! You did a solid for your country last weekend.

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Fat chicks to the rescue…again!

Daily Mail As every bride knows, planning the big day involves some big choices. But it seems picking bridesmaids is the most weighty decision of all. A third of British women say they would choose an overweight friend to make them appear slimmer as they walk down the aisle, according to research. And many give heavy consideration to their guestlist, as 40 per cent claim slim guests would make them feel self-conscious.

Thank god for fat chicks. They make life so much easier. They’re more willing to put out (therefore keeping normal-sized chicks’ standards in tact) and they make you look awesome and super skinny on your wedding day. Maybe I’ll try to find some fat friends this weekend. Got to start cultivating those friendships early, right?

MMango: …gotta love a chubby

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