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Walk of Shame Outfit: Warm Fall Edition


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkk. Just kidding. I’m still  horribly single and struggle with attracting men in NYC…but that’s not without effort. I did just sign up for HowAboutWe.com though so that may change soon. I’ll keep you posted.

But that’s beside the point! Let’s talk about this walk of shame outfit!

Now I know what you’re thinking: this look is for daytime only; elizadeath looks like she belongs at a Pearl Jam or Nirvana concert; this outfit only works in attracting men because her vag is hanging out. Well, you would be right (to all the above) but that doesn’t mean it’s not a man magnet (to a certain faction) and the perfect outfit for walk of shaming.

First of all, this look is perfect for daytime (duh) so your morning-after schleping back to your apartment goes totally under the radar of judging moms and early risers. But for nighttime, it works quiet perfectly as well. Honestly, all you need to do is add a little red lipstick (I used a combo of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral and Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Courtisane) and you’re ready to romp. Plus, if you get hot on the dance floor, you can very easily tie the button down around your waist and whip the sleeves around in a quasi-sexy-if-you-loved-the-90s way. It’s intriguing and exotic.

Here’s the look rundown:

Plaid Shirt, J.Crew
T-Shirt, Hanes V-Neck + homemade stencil
Shorts, American Eagle
Boots, Frye (in Plum)
Watch, Michael Kors

Happy walk for shaming!

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Walk of shame outfit: warm winter edition


First of all, I’d like to apologize for seriously slacking off in my Walk of Shame outfit posts. I’d be lying to you if I said my morning after commutes were unprepared/unplanned. Do with that what you will. Anyways, I went out in this little gem the other night though and realized it had serious night-to-day potential.

Taking advantage of the warmer winter temperatures, I paired jean shorts with opaque tights, an over-sized crocheted sweater, a killer statement necklace, and sky-high ankle booties. Not shown, but I topped it all off with my favorite leather jacket, as seen in previous WOS posts.


For the morning after? Simply replace the statement necklace with a scarf, exchange the booties for Chucks (if you have a big enough purse), and don a slouchy chapeau to hide your bedhead (and bloodshot vodka-soaked eyes). Oh, and don’t forget to wear a cute pair of earrings. These wolf earrings from Madewell pretty much scream “I’m a bad motha, SHUT YO MOUTH!”

Full list of goodies here:


  1. American Eagle shorts — to give a sneak peek to potential bedroom suitors
  2. Old Navy sweater — just large enough to let your gut hang out without anyone knowing
  3. DKNY tights — to keep some air of mystery
  4. J. Crew Bubble Necklace — so someone can say to you “that necklace will change the world” (true story)


  1. J. Crew scarf — to cover your above-the-neck but below-the-chin indiscretions
  2. Nobis “Freshmore” Mushroom Toque — to hide from children…and hair stylists who cringe at your dirty locks
  3. Madewell wolf earrings (in store) — to show how much of a badass you are
  4. Chuck All-Stars (everywhere) — to give your strained calves a much needed break
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Walk of shame outfit: Spring Edition

So remember a while back when I put together the ultimate morning after outfit that basically served as a lifesaver as I trekked through Grand Central, dodging families and homeless people alike? Well, I’ve decided to bring it back but update it for spring. Woo hoo! Below are pieces I either own or are very similar to items in my closet and I can promise you that not only will you look hot as shit at night, but the outfit will serve as a godsend when you are trying to make your way back home (all vampire/allergic to the sun-like) to your own bathroom to vomit.

Real talk, the pants are what make this outfit. You really could add any top/jacket combo and you’d be golden. I own these pants and I’ve legit worn them every day of the week and twice on Sunday. They make my life and make for an exceptionally comfortable walk home (well, as comfortable as one can be with mascara running down your face and a headache that feels like an elephant is sitting on your face).

Oh, and if you’d like, feel free to add a hat. Hats are especially helpful if you have fine hair like mine. Just flip your head upside down (if you’re too nauseated, you can just back tease a little), throw your hat and shades on and you’re good to go. I’d recommend a dark lens aviator so no one can see how bloodshot your eyes really are.

Shopping List:

  1. Draper Pants, J. Crew ($148)
  2. Layer Ruffle Top, Forever 21 ($24.80)
  3. Cynthia Vincent for Target Shoes (UNAVAILABLE)
  4. Leather Jacket, Zara ($129)
  5. Tiger Stripe & Bow Rings, Forever 21 ($4.80)
  6. Hat, Madewell ($48)

Happy walk of shaming!

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The ultimate Walk of Shame outfit

So I had a pretty outrageous Friday. I mean, so much so that I’m still laughing at myself 3 days later and am just NOW posting about it because it was that silly. Anyways. I totally time traveled and woke up the next morning at my friend’s apartment downtown with a) no idea where I was and b) no recollection of leaving the bar with him. In a tizzy, I naturally got dressed as quickly as I could, asked for the best place to grab a cab, and booked it. And as I was walking through Grand Central — avoiding the gazes of families and their children who were just starting their day as I was ending mine — I realized I was wearing the most comfortable outfit in the world; a perfectly transitional outfit from Friday night to Saturday morning. So without further ado, below are the pieces (or close enough) that I was rocking. Hopefully you can utilize some/all for your next wild night out.

Pants (which were DEFINITELY the reason I was most comfortable) — Vivienne Tam Comfy Cargo Pants:

they're like pajamas...except cute...and they don't try to resemble jeans (i'm talking to you, pajama jeans)

Tank (not the exact same cause mine’s a few seasons old…but you get the idea) — Simply Vera Tank:

any billowy tank will do. gotta hid that gut full of booze and 4AM pizza

Outerwear — Zara Asymmetrical Leather Motorcycle Jacket:

it pretty much screams: "don't fucking talk to me right now." am i right or am i right?

Outerwear — Betsey Johnson Animal Print Sunglasses:

perfect for creeping a peek at your WOS activity partner to a) figure out who he is and b) determine just how bad your beer goggles were


Outerwear — Deena and Ozzy Infinity Scarf:

eternity scarves: perfect for hiding your shame and easy to put over your head!


For your purchasing pleasure:

Oh, and I didn’t list shoes but any flat will do. I recommend these:


or at least something equally as entertaining to look at when you’re yakking it….

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