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Random Karaoke Queen’s impressive in-store performance


Didn’t hear that one coming, did ya? Love that she’s got so much swag that she didn’t even take her backpack off. Didn’t even matter.

Someone — I’m looking at you Scooter Braun — should sign this girl STAT. Girl has got buttloads (yes, that’s a measurable term) more talent than Carly Rae and Psy combined.

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The Hood Internet strikes again! Whitney x Chromeo

The Hood Internet, one of the best mash-up artists in the game today, just released a new mash-up of the late Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know, and my faves, Chromeo’s When the Night Falls. So break out your fancy footwork, and dance with somebody.


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In memoriam: Whitney Houston

The death of Whitney Houston has left me (and pretty much everyone else) speechless. Yes, I know she was a drug addict and battled her disease for years, but that doesn’t make her passing any less shocking. That said, since there are no words, I’ll just share a smattering of her videos as a tribute to her voice and talent.





And, to get your arm hairs to give a full on standing ovation to the late Whitney (MMango’s words, not mine):


P.S. Saturday night I threw a party at my place and we took a moment to play all the Whitney we had in our music libraries…which meant we played 3 songs and then switched over to Mariah Carey to carry out the rest of the evening. That’s bad, right?

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