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This made me LOL today (7/27/12)


If I had a nickel for every time I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan… well I’d have two nickels.


via Failbook

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This little girl is making me cry like a fucking child right now

YouTube – My 2yr old daughter loves Adele and sings along!

I mean c’mon anyone with an iTunes account has sat in their room with their lights off crying to this song.. right? Regardless this little girl has clearly found the code to my blackened soul. I dare you not to get choked up. DOUBLE DOG DARE.

Side note: I was at my parent’s house last night, and my dad drove me back to my apartment. We were listening to the radio, and this song came on and we both sat in silence and listened start to finish…. Does this make us gay?

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Kid MJ’s it up to Smooth Criminal while washing dishes

Is this a Mango that was seperated from our family at birth? That kid’s got moves!


Oh and dad: your son WILL hate you for the rest of his teenage life. He’ll love the fact that you posted this vid on YouTube when he’s older, but for now, expect the silent treatment…and for him to never complete a simple chore ever again.

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Who said reincarnation isn’t real?

This is 100% a man reincarnated as a cat. There is really no other logical explanation.. and that is saying a lot given the fact that I’m classifying reincarnation as a logical explanation.

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Gorilla breakdancing like Jesus

Yeah, I said it: this gorilla is breakdancing like Jesus. Just straight up c-walking on water.

I’ve never been more proud to be a Canadian. Kudos Calgary Zoo — you’re clearly doing a stand-up job with your animals.

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Chihuahua rides a tortoise

So I was told the other night that we post too many videos/photos of cats. Well, we do. It’s cause we’re cat people and cats are fucking awesome. BUT being the diplomatic blogger that I am, I’m posting this video for all you dog lovers out there:

And THIS is why I post videos of cats. A cat would never be that dumb and risk it’s life like that. Shit.

P.S. that turtle is fucking BOOKING it. Wonder what the rush is?

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Michael Bolton V. Lady Gaga: battle of The Lonely Island cameos


Real talk, this isn’t even really a battle. Michael Bolton legit kills it in Jack Sparrow…but I do appreciate Lady Gaga’s effort to try and be humorous. I honestly just can’t get over how funny Bolton was. It was such an unexpected, totally-catch-you-off-guard surprise. Like a bouquet of flowers from an anonymous admirer… or sharting yourself.

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Just a day in the life of a cat

Possibly the best music video on the interwebs right now:

I mean, Mylo is straight up gangsta. Great beat, great life. Kinda makes me wish I was a cat…

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Dead squirrels make the best friends

Why play with stuffed animals when you can have the real thing (without risking it biting you and giving you rabies)?

Real talk, this is one of the most repulsive videos I’ve ever seen (please note that I have not seen “Two Girls, One Cup”). I love the parents reaction though — clearly trying to supress both laughter and nausea. Classic. I feel like my brothers and I put our rents in similar situations growing up. I mean, we were raised in east bumblefuck, NH. Kinda comes with the territory.

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